Wednesday May 23rd – a BIG experience

I´ve made a really exiting appointment for today. We´re going to Phoenix, where we will meet with Scott Soto. Scott is one of the acknowledged breeders of the American Wolfdog. So what the heck is an American Wolfdog??? Do I mean a Irish Wolfdog? That is often the ones that danes have heard about… But no – it isn´t. Is it then… a Wolf Hybrid? And no, it not that either. A Hybrid is a crossing between two different species – and actually all dogs are seen as being the same species as the wolf.

Tundra & Tallah (and Scott and myself)

The American Wolfdog is a dog, closely related to the wolf. A Wolfdog has pure wolf in the line within the last 5 generations. Scott has two beautiful hich content Wolfdogs, Tundra og Tallah.

We had agreed to meet up with Scott in one of the open malls in Phoenix. At first I thought that was a bit weird – but after meeting with them, it made good sense. We were supposed to meet at 11 am, and we were already sweating a lot – it´s really hot in Phoenix! Around 100 F in the sun already before noon. 10 minutes passed… 15 minutes passed – and still no Scott and dogs. 20 minutes past 11 he came and had a handler with him. It´s pretty hard to take 2 big dogs and handle them both, when everyone around you wants to pet them, ask about them and so on. So it was okay with the delay.


OOOH I´ve been so exited about this meeting! I´ve had sweaty hands and rapid heartbeats, while waiting… but now they´re here!! Wauw, wauw, wauw!!! These are BIG dogs! I am so impressed over their size, their strenght, their majestic attitude and their good temper! First we are a bit shy – we don´t really know Scott and we don´t know a lot about Wolfdogs.


While we are talking about the dogs – about challenges, happy times and fun experiences, we get closer and the conversation gets easy and free. We talk about what it takes to own Wolfdogs and about all the practical stuff. Why, how, where, and everything else popping into our heads. Scott is open and tells a lot about the dogs, about his experiences and why he does what he does, what the dogs are “giving” him, the do´s and don´ts.

Tallah and Claus

The dogs are on the grass and on the sideway – and on our laps!!! Okay, these are real big dogs!! Tundra, the male, weigh around 110 lb and Tallah, the female, weighs around 75 lb. Their temper is very different – they are very masculine and feminine, respectively.

Tallah likes to kiss

Majestic animals on a leash
After about an hour I have the pleasure of walking Tallah, and Scott is walking Tundra. It´s so fun to see how people stop and wants to ask what type of dogs they are, and what on earth they are doing in the middle of the mall! It is an open mall (in Denmark we call it something like a pedestrian street) filled with shops. People around us are talking, pointing, taking pictures, asking all kinds of questions and some looks like they have to build up the courage to ask if they can pet the dogs.

Taking Tallah for a walk (and Tundra in the background)

And all of this is the reason why Scott brings them here – because of the socialization, and also to spread the knowledge and the understanding of the Wolfs and the Wolfdogs. The dogs love to be here, Tundra in particular, he just kind of blocks the walk, so that people have to stop and pet him. But it is kinda strange to just stop and pet a dog that is more than 3 ft high.

Tundra and me - and I have a GOOD grip on the leash!

Scotts handler has to go, so I get to handle Tallah the rest of the time – and I really feel it like a vote of confidence. But they are both so well trained that it is a pure pleasure walking her. Scott really put a lot of passionate work in the dogs. He has been training and socializing them since they were 3-4 weeks old, and from the start he took them with him. They have followed him in the car, in the malls, in schools, university, librarys and just – all over. They are ambassadors for the Wolfdogs. I just love the passion he puts in the dogs – that´s my way of thinking!

Tundra kisses me goodbye
After around two hours we walk Scott, Tundra and Tallah to the car, where Scott has build a big cage for the dogs to sit in. They gladly jump up and waits for their treat. We say goodbye and agrees to keep in touch. Cause… when we come here to live – and we will sooner or later – you never know what will happen 😉

It has been a GREAT day! Im trying to sort the 200 pictures from the day and writing this blog. Wow, I really appreciate this day!

WELL… this fantastic day turned out NOT the only day with the Wolfdogs – I´ll write my blogpost on the next Wolfdog-date one of the next days… so: TO BE CONTINUED…

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  1. I just love your article and the pics you shared in your re:Treat article! I was wishing I could be there with you! So amazing…but I’m jealous!:)

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